The Coming Great Wealth Transfer

The Coming Great Wealth Transfer

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The Coming Great Wealth Transfer - analyze
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While economic topics may not be the most exciting, I have news for you, they are necessary. If you plan on being prepared and understanding the threats you face as a nation you need to get your hands on some material that is readable on the economy. An article like the one we have here does a great job at taking our current economic situation and breaking it down to cause and effect. If you can grasp cause and effect than you will get a whole new outlook on our economic situation.

This article describes the consequences of incomprehensible debt and the zeroing of interest rates. I think it goes without saying, there is no easy way out of 20 trillion in debt. This article gives you an in-depth description on financial repression. This repression is what’s happening right now. Prepare for the next step which could take big bites out of the money you spent your whole life earning.

The Coming Great Wealth Transfer

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