The ‘Easy Empty’ Composting Toilet Project

The ‘Easy Empty’ Composting Toilet Project

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If you’re living off the grid or are looking into building your own homestead, sewage management is a big issue. Some people have septic tanks and these work fine, but need maintenance from time to time and you still lose a lot of valuable water. Wouldn’t it be great to save that water and have something usable from toilet waste? A composting toilet does both of these things, and on Instructables there is a tutorial on how to build your own.

The trouble with composting toilets is that they can be pretty troublesome to empty, but this design solves that problem. In this design, the collection vat rests on a smooth concrete slab that is lubricated with oil so the vat can be easily removed when full. It does take a bit of extra time and patience to pour a level slab, but it is so much better than struggling with a big container of human feces!

See below for Part I, but don’t forget to check out Part II at the end of the article!

The ‘Easy Empty’ Composting Toilet Project

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