The Every Day Carry Bag aka EDC

The Every Day Carry Bag aka EDC

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The Every Day Carry Bag aka EDC - Your EDC bag should carry all the things that you need when shtf. Preparing your bag is important.
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There are numerous articles written on this topic and most of them claim to be the end all, be all of Every Day Carry bags (also calls an EDC bag). Do a Google search and you will get literally thousands of hits from multiple companies who are eager to sell you a bunch of stuff that you may not necessarily need. The fact is, no one EDC bag is right or perfect for everyone. There is no “one size fits all” that will fulfill every need you may have for your situation. There are just too many variables.

This article is not like that. Instead, our friends over at Backdoor Survival share with us the ways to determine what is best for you. They offer suggestions of things that may fit for you and give perspectives that you may have not previously considered. The point of the EDC bag is to help you make sure you can handle the most common and probable situations.

They are carried to help you overcome the unknown, the unseen, and increase your chances of making it to assistance or a safe place. Surprisingly, it only takes a few basic items for the average person.

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