The Most Important Survival Skills According to Grandpa

The Most Important Survival Skills According to Grandpa

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The Most Important Survival Skills According to Grandpa - ways to be ready
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When people think about survival skills, they tend to lean more toward things like starting fires, making shelters, gardening, hunting, and being able to filter water. While all of these are indeed fantastic survival skills, they are actually secondary to the most important skills that people in the 1800’s, even early 1900’s considered vitally important to not only surviving, but thriving in life.

You can have all of the most wonderful survival gear in the world, you can have an amazing bug out location that has all of the bells and whistles to provide you and your family the comforts of home they were used to before the disaster happened that forced you to retreat to the bunker or bug out location but without the most important skills, all the gadgets that money can buy will eventually become your worst enemy when it breaks down or needs repair and maintenance. If you can’t read and comprehend what you are reading, how would you be able to read the maintenance manual or learn how a new piece of gear works?

Grandpa has lived longer than you and likely seen more, too. Take it from someone who has been there.



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