The Skills That Will Really Matter After SHTF

The Skills That Will Really Matter After SHTF

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No one can tell how different life would be after a serious disaster or a collapse, but humans have the remarkable ability to recover after every major SHTF event so life would certainly go on. One thing is certain though: in the aftermath of a widespread disaster or the collapse of civil society as we know it, you’ll want to have useful skills and items that you can barter or trade with.

If a worldwide event happened that wiped out a large portion of our population and destroyed many of our natural resources, what skills do you have that would be useful in rebuilding?

Situations and personal handling of SHTF situations will differ widely, but the foundation will likely be there for almost everyone. The main objective is to get people into learning and practicing these skills so when SHTF, they can better deal with and make it through.

There are some basic skills that need to be learned and understood to better increase one’s chance of making it through a possible long-term survival situation.  If you had to, could you make your own clothes? Or if you had to, could you grow your own food to feed your family? The following skills from Bioprepper are all skills from the past that could be our future if a major event ever happens.

The Skills That Will Really Matter After SHTF

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