Things You Should Not Do After SHTF

Things You Should Not Do After SHTF

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Things You Should Not Do After SHTF - You can find a lot of information online about how to prepare for a disaster.
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You can find a lot of information online about how to prepare for a disaster. There are exact charts showing you how much food and water to store based on how many people need to survive. Even more, there are even risks analysis teaching you about emergency preparations and what disaster to prep for. However, there isn’t much info on what to do after SHTF, but most importantly what not to do after it hits the fan.

Regardless if you are an experienced prepper or an average Joe, there are some things you need to be aware of. The type of things that would keep you alive after the dust settles. Survival is more than just a numbers game. While it certainly helps to do your math and stockpile the supplies you will need, there is also the need for a different approach.

Avoid doing this after SHTF:

  1. Don’t blame yourself

Survivor’s guilt is common phenomenon and it drastically affects the judgment of those who managed to survive the initial impact of a disaster. Most people perceive themselves to have done wrong by surviving a crisis, when others close to them did not. If you managed to survive the first wave, chances are you could make it until things return to normal. Rather than looking for reasons to blame yourself or others for the situation you’re in, look for ways to outlast the crisis. Your energy should be channeled into surviving with the supplies you have and figuring out new ways to survive after you consume everything you have.

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Things You Should Not Do After SHTF

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